Monday, November 12, 2007

Free Jeff and Sarah!!

Free Speech Advocates Gear up for Protester Trial

Jeff Zurawski and Sarah Hartfield were arrested in May for displaying a banner in view of I 355 that read "Impeach Bush and Cheney - Liars " . Their subsequent arrest, and the addition of more serious charges have led to the appearance that politics may be playing a role in order to stifle political dissent in DuPage County . Attorney Shawn Collins and the Collins Law Firm has chosen to take this case pro bono. For more information about Shawn Collins:


Jeff and Sarah are organizing a rally before the Dec. 13th trial. Let's have a BIG turnout! More details to come!


The next scheduled hearing is December 13th, 9:30 am, Building 505 (Judicial Center) Room 4007. This article pretty adequately sums it up. The hearing on Monday, October 15th set the date for the December hearing. Mark your calendar, but also watch for updates in the event this case takes another "twist or turn".

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